When it comes to the diversity of different types of bathroom tiles, marble and ceramic tile have to be included in the discussion. Marble and ceramic tiles have been in vogue since a long time and they have been preferred by the people. The thing is that these tiles are available in many different colors and patterns. This way you are not limited to one or two types of tiles when it comes to bathroom flooring. dfferent types of bathroom tiles The best part of ceramic and marble tiles is that they are available in different price ranges. One can purchase these tiles at affordable rates without having to compromise on their aesthetic appeal. Marble tile is available in different designs, shades, shapes and sizes. So no matter what kind of bathroom you have there is a tile that is apt for it. One of the common types of bathroom tiles is the terrazzo. These tiles are available in different shapes such as rectangles and squares. They are water proof as well. You should take care however while using terrazzo as they tend to get stained with oil and grease. If this happens you will have to clean them with a terrazzo restoration solution. Before using any solution you should make sure you know the type of problem the tile is suffering from. Another type of bathroom tiles is marble tile. Marble tile is a natural stone and it has a great amount of elegance. However, as marble is porous, it is prone to growth of bacterial and fungal organisms which in turn causes a bad odor. So, whenever you want to replace bathroom flooring you should consider ceramic or marble tile. Vinyl bathroom tiles are another popular option. These vinyl tiles are easy to install and also do not give that shiny effect that terrazzo and marble tile possess. These tiles are water resistant but still require some sealant or grout protection. Vinyl is also vulnerable to cracking. You should avoid installing vinyl in the bathroom that is frequently wet or has high moisture content. The third most preferred tile is porcelain tile. As compared to marble or porcelain, these bathroom tiles are more expensive. However, these tiles add charm to your bathroom. Porcelain tile is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, this tile is available in wide range of designs. Slate bathroom tile is the last option. It is relatively expensive as compare to other tiles. But, it is ideal for designing bathroom with a minimalist look. Slate tile is ideal for bathroom as it has a good absorbent capacity. You can find a lot of websites online that offer a wide variety of bathroom tiles. But, before purchasing any tile for your washroom, make sure that you have selected the right color and design. Also, select a tile that can enhance the look of your washroom. If you follow these tips, then you will be able to purchase a quality tile at affordable price.