Bathroom renovation can be a very fun and entertaining project. It doesn t even have to be a “renovation” to make your bathroom stylish and updated. If you follow a few simple guidelines, then you will find that the project goes much more smoothly. Here are some bathroom renovation ideas to get you started: Planning is everything from the type of floors you need to paint, to the color and finishes on the furniture, cabinets, and flooring. Not doing a detailed plan ahead of time is a bad way to do a bathroom house renovation. It is especially important to completely plan out what you need to add in your bathroom before you begin. It is also very important not to rush into replacing existing fixtures and fittings. Many times, bathroom renovation plans involve upgrading existing tile or tiling, or adding new fixtures and fittings. While this is an obvious necessity, rushing through this type of project can end up in damage to the tiles, or worse, the new fixtures and fittings. In order to avoid this problem, it is important to thoroughly measure out the area of the room you will be renovating, including all corners, floor areas, and doorways, as well as any ceiling locations, and check with local building codes to make sure you are following all applicable regulations. In addition to replacing existing fixtures and fittings, one of the most popular bathroom renovation ideas is to replace the current doors and windows. Many times when people renovate their bathrooms, they remodel the entire house. However, in order to make sure that your project goes smoothly, before making any big changes, it is best to check in with your local authorities to make sure that any changes you make will not negatively impact your home. For example, replacing windows and doors with higher-quality ones, rather than cheaper vinyl-based ones, may require a permit from your local council. Another bathroom renovation idea that is becoming increasingly popular is the installation of smart-like-taps. These are basically little “smart” Taps that light up when the tap is turned on. Many homes already have these installed, but there are some homeowners who choose to add the technology to their own homes, for a personal touch. You should ensure that the Taps you are looking into are able to handle the load that your existing bathroom sink and/or toilet may put on them. These simple devices should not be too bulky, or else they will not function properly. You may also want to consider replacing your bathroom tapware with a more stylish version. Today’s tapware can be attractive, elegant, and modern, so it only makes sense that they could also improve the look of your bathroom. Some of the best tapware available is made from ceramic, stone, glass, silver, or even plastic. It says so, so whether you decide to go for a plain gold, silver, or bronze-based tapware – which would look great alongside either a black or white vanity – it says something about your personal style! If you need to find out more, you should speak to your tapmaker, who will be able to provide you with all the information you’ll need.