Bathroom tiles come in different sizes, shapes and colors. And this is exactly why they are very popular for bathroom renovations. They can be used both inside and outside the house. But when it comes to flooring, ceramic and marble tiles are the best options. They are durable and hard-wearing. different stone tiles for bathroom renovation When talking about marble tiles, they are among the most popular materials because of their elegance, resilience and the natural ambiance they create in a room. The most commonly used tiles are granite tiles for bathrooms, limestone tiles in kitchen and limestone tiles for floors. These natural stones have many benefits. Marble tiles are ideal for use inside the house. Because of its water-resistant quality, marble tiles can be used for the bathroom. Also, they do not absorb stains easily. You do not need to worry about water seeping into the shower area. Moreover, they are easy to clean. Granite tiles are more popular for their elegance and resistance. This makes them ideal for outdoor and indoor uses. They can withstand moisture, temperature fluctuations and chemicals. Granite tiles come in different patterns, shades and colors, but the common colors include gray, brown, black, blue, red and yellow. And the price for each tile is also different. Stone and brick tiles are other popular materials for stone and brick tiles for bathroom renovation. They are resistant to heat and moisture, and they offer a beautiful ambience in the room. When used on floors, they give an elegant and traditional look. On walls, they create an appealing appearance. However, granite tiles are costly, and marble tiles are less expensive. If you want a traditional ambiance in your house, then marble tiles are an ideal choice. You can also use granite tiles to achieve the same effect. But there are disadvantages, too. Marble can be damaged easily. Also, it does not go well with other materials, such as wood or wallpaper. There are other options available for stone tiles for bathroom renovation, such as travertine tiles and limestone tiles. Travertine tiles have excellent quality and are highly recommended by contractors. Limestone tiles are also popular, and make a great choice if you have limited space. The tiles chosen for your bathroom should depend upon the theme of your house, as well as your budget. It is important to know the types of tiles available in the market, their cost, beauty, durability, maintenance and appeal. In addition, it is equally important to choose tiles that will fit in your budget and give your home a beautiful look. And finally, choose tiles that will blend with the interiors and your home’s decoration. Marble is considered one of the most beautiful tiles for your bathroom renovation. It gives the bathroom an elegant look. Moreover, marble comes in a variety of tints and shades, giving it more beauty. When used in large bathrooms, marble can make the area look larger than it actually is. And at the same time, marble is very durable, helping it to last a long time. However, marble tiles are a bit on the expensive side, and may not be affordable for many. If you do not want to spend a lot on tiles, then granite tiles are another option. Granite is the hardest natural stone available, making it ideal for use in big bathrooms. In addition to being expensive, granite and marble tiles have no maintenance concerns. They need cleaning only from time to time, and their color will not fade. Still, both these tiles have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, granite is better if you have a large bathroom, whereas marble tiles are ideal for small bathrooms. Before starting your bathroom renovation project, it is important that you choose the best tile for the job. There are so many designs to choose from, all of which will provide you with countless options. Bathroom tile design can also greatly affect the overall design of your bathroom. You can consult an interior designer or bathroom remodeling company to help you decide what kind of tile you should get. Just remember to select a tile that will complement the other fixtures you will put in your bathroom. And above all, do not forget to plan the budget well.